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Access, Sync and Share your data.

Cloud-Sync is a file sharing and synchronization service. You can provide access to your data through a web interface, synchronization clients or via WebDAV. Cloud-Sync is a platform to easily view, sync and share on all your devices, keeping control over your data.

You can store your images, documents, calendars and contacts on a trusted server and access your data from a single location.

Your data does not leave you anymore.

No matter where you are, you can access your data easily by using synchronization applications. Any modified file on your computer or on the server will be retrieved / loaded and synced to all devices associated with it so that the latest version can be accessed from anywhere. On your Android or iOS smartphone, the transfer of your photos and videos can be done automatically and you can choose the files and folders to synchronize. At work or at home, the synchronization software (Windows, Mac, Linux) keeps your local folders synchronized with the server and all your devices. The web interface allows you to view, edit and share your files with anyone.

All synchronization software can display activity on the server and can send notifications. All data transfers are encrypted using the TLS protocol.

Share on your terms.

Share your folders and files with control. Share with users, groups, or external persons by choosing each of access rights. Secure public link by password, with expiry date for your files, or shared folders with rights of modifications are possible. Notify by email with whom you share your documents.

Users can access and share their files easily, anytime and from anywhere. It is easy to find shared files and folders with others and those shared with you.

Shared file sharing is also possible and remains under the control of the file owner.

Advanced management of users and groups.

With Cloud-Sync, you can manage multiple users and / or groups from your account. Instead of having a single user account, we allow you to create as many cloud users as you need for your activities. Your authorized disk space is thus shared with several users, each with a quota allowed. You can create users for family, friends, work, and choose who you want to share your documents with. Since sharing is only possible between members of the same group, all you have to do is create groups by categories and add the users corresponding to these groups. It's up to you. Sharing and collaboration are so much easier and more powerful to use.

Work efficiently with your documents.

View and edit text documents (odt, docx, doc, ...), spreadsheets (ods, xlsx, xls, ...), presentations (odp, pptx, ppt, ...) and more with real-time collaborative editing features directly in your browser.

You can also read PDF files, view your images, play videos, etc. directly in the web interface.

On your computer, the synchronization of your documents allows you to work on the same document at home, at work, on the road, etc. The latest version will be available on all your devices.

Comments on the files.

Anyone with access to a file or folder can post comments on it. Comments provide a more powerful level of interaction on your files. You can chat with others on the progress of a project and give your opinion, detail your holiday pictures to your family or friends, etc. The conversation and participants easily follow. Comments can be edited at any time.

Les commentaires rendent la collaboration plus simple et plus puissante pour le travail en équipe sur des fichiers partagés.

Tag your files.

Tags make it easy to organize and search your data. When managing many files, you can set multiple tags for your files and easily find files with a specific tag via the dedicated search engine. Tags are visible to anyone with access to files or folders.

At work, you can group your data on specific topics, by departments, projects or others. At home, this allows to separate private and personal data and facilitates research on specific areas.

Calendars and Contacts.

Cloud-Sync allows you to manage multiple calendars and share them with other users or groups simply and quickly. It is also possible to store his contacts. This can be shared between your devices so you always have access to your calendars and information from your contacts, friends, family or colleagues. CalDAV and CardDAV access is possible. Import or export also.

Activity tracking.

You are informed at all times of activities on your account. You know who shared who, what files are added, modified, deleted, commented or tagged. The reading of the tracking is done via an RSS feed, the web interface or the synchronization applications. You can also configure to receive email notifications.


Photos can be grouped as picture galleries that you can share with your friends or family. You can give access to send photos, view them, download them or comment on them.

Version management of files and trash.

Each time a file is modified, its previous version is archived and can be restored at any time up to 30 days. Similarly, deleted files can be restored from the trash for up to 30 days. A file deleted by mistake or a bad edition of a document can thus be solved easily.

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