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Cloud-Sync by Archive-Host

User documentation

Thank you for choosing Cloud-Sync to store and sync your files!

If you have questions that can not be answered in this help file, do not hesitate to contact our support by email or by opening a new ticket in your customer area.


Cloud-Sync is a synchronization and file sharing solution. Access your data from a web interface, from your computer, your mobile or WebDAV.

The Cloud Sync service offers a collaborative view. Your Cloud Sync account allows you to create multiple users and groups on the allocated disk space. This offers a more flexible and functional management.

If you have a personal need, you can create a user who will have all the disk space. You can also create a user who will have the majority of disk space and create other users for your family members or friends.

For more professional needs, you can create as many users as needed for the needs of your services. You can also create users for your partners with whom you share documents.

The most important rule to remember is that document sharing is only possible between members of the same group. You can share between multiple groups and multiple users but each time it will be necessary for these users to belong to the same group (s).

User and group management is easily done through your customer area.

You can access your files from a web application from your smartphone or tablet. The web interface offers more advanced features.

When you register for the Cloud Sync service, a storage server is associated with you. The web interface address is displayed in the customer area on the home page. The format is as follows:

The main interface allows you to navigate through the file system of your online space and perform basic operations on your documents.

To log into the application, use the "User ID / Password" pair that you specified when creating the user in the client area. Note that the user ID is not editable. Only his display name, password, email and quota are.