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Managing Deleted Files

When you delete a file, it is not immediately deleted permanently. Instead, it is moved into the trash bin. It is not permanently deleted until you manually delete it, or when the system deletes it to make room for new files.

Find your deleted files by clicking on the Deleted files button on the Files page of the Web interface. You’ll have options to either restore or permanently delete files.


Deleted files are not counted against your storage quota. Only files that originate with users count against their quotas, not files shared with them that originate from other users.

What Happens When Shared Files Are Deleted

Deleting files gets a little complicated when they are shared files, as this scenario illustrates:

  1. User1 shares a folder “test” with User2 and User3
  2. User2 (the recipient) deletes a file/folder “sub” inside of “test”
  3. The folder “sub” will be moved to the trashbin of both User1 (owner) and User2 (recipient)
  4. But User3 will not have a copy of “sub” in her trash bin

When User1 deletes “sub” then it is moved to User1’s trash bin. It is deleted from User2 and User3, but not placed in their trash bins.

When you share files, other users may copy, rename, move, and share them with other people, just as they can for any computer files.